Have You Considered an Online College Degree Program

Have You Considered an Online College Degree Program?

If you’d like to go back to school but don’t have the time to attend college classes, an online college degree program can be just the thing to help you accomplish your goals. 

Let’s face it; going back to school to get a degree via the traditional route is not an option for everyone.  Most people who are past their 20s, for example, have established some sort of career, and possibly started building a family by this stage in their lives.  It would take a radical restructuring of their entire way of life to accommodate enrolling at a traditional college or university and seeking a degree.

By taking advantage of a degree program from an online university, folks in this situation can turn the impossible into the possible.  The convenience of studying at home over the Internet is hard to beat.  Think of the time saved just in traveling back and forth to school a few times a week.  For the vast majority, that’s a time savings of a few hours every week, time that could be better spent studying for a college degree online.  Those who attend a brick and mortar school discover it’s not always possible to have classes back to back, so there’s additional time lost sitting around waiting for the next class to begin.  On top of that, with today’s gas prices, the money spent traveling back and forth to school every few days could easily add up to over a thousand dollars a year.

Plus, adult students pursuing taking advantage of an online college degree program won’t feel like they’re neglecting their spouses, children, or other family members.  It’s true that it’s necessary to set aside blocks of time for focused study, but in the event of an emergency it’s nice to be able to be at home to take care of your family’s needs.  Your children will see Mommy or Daddy just as often, and your spouse will appreciate that you are taking the time to better yourself without neglecting the family.  All these reasons and more make an online college degree program the best option for millions of future students.

Which College Degree Program – Online or Traditional?

These days, many people trying to choose a college degree program face a dilemma: should they attend college the traditional way, enrolling in a brick and mortar college or university for four years, or is it wiser to take advantage of the power of the Internet and get a college degree through distance learning?

It’s good to have options, but it’s wisest to weigh all the pros and cons of both options before deciding on a college degree program.

Going to college the traditional way offers benefits that, for a few people, might seem so important that they become the overriding factor.  One of the biggest is that students get what’s known as “the college experience” by attending a brick and mortar college.  If social experiences are a big part of what a student is looking for, then a traditional college wins hands down.  Sports, fraternities and sororities, dorm life, dating, partying and living right on campus are benefits that online study doesn’t offer. 

But for students who want to gain a degree quickly, conveniently and at a relatively lower cost, an online college degree program offers some powerful benefits.  One of the biggest is convenience.  You don’t have to leave home in order to get a college degree.  For prospective students who have been out of high school for a while, this can be a powerful incentive.  If you’re one, you’ve probably already formed deep and lasting friendships and may have also begun your family. You don’t want to leave everything you cherish to go to a distant college.  Speed is another incentive. It’s possible to complete an online degree much faster than it takes the average student to earn a traditional degree.  For all these reasons and more, unless the traditional college experience is really a primary motivating factor, an online college degree program is probably the better choice.

Am I Too Old to Earn a College Degree?

In today’s volatile economy, many people who have been working for decades would like to earn a college bachelor degree in order to increase their skill levels, make themselves more attractive to employers, and earn more money. 

Sadly, many never get around to it, and one of the biggest reasons is that they think they’re too old to go back to school and earn the necessary degree.  This is a real tragedy, because it’s never too late to better yourself. With the economy the way it is today, you need every edge you can get to stand out in the job market.  Whether you want to keep the job you already have, get a promotion, or start over in something new, a college bachelor degree is a great way to make it happen.

Don’t let your age discourage you from going back to school.  If you’re worried that by the time you graduate you’ll be 46 years old, or 50, or 60, think about this: How old will you be in four years if you don’t go back to school, get your degree and improve your earning ability?  Which job candidate do you think employers would prefer–a 50 year old with no degree, or a 50 year old with a recent college degree?  It’s not just the increased knowledge that will impress prospective employers; they’ll also be impressed with applicants who had the drive, commitment and discipline to go back to school and improve themselves.  Those are qualities that all employers look for in applicants.

Another common objection is, “I really don’t have time to go back to school because of family and work commitments.”  What if you could return to school without abandoning your job or disrupting your family?  Thanks to adult education programs, you can.  It’s now possible to earn a bachelor degree without uprooting your family or quitting your job, right from the comfort of your own home.  Tens of thousands of people have done it, and so can you.  Don’t let excuses keep you from getting a college bachelor degree!

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